Becoming a Dividend Tycoon

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I scrapped the idea for my first post, which deals with impatience in investing, specifically my own impatience. I felt that for the first post I would like it to be a positive message, and what this site is about.

This site is meant to inspire you to become a Dividend Tycoon. So what exactly do I mean by that? What i mean is that by being financially astute, and putting some of your income or capital into stocks, you are first and foremost a business owner, a tycoon. A stock is not just a piece of paper, you are a tycoon as soon as you purchase a stock..

However, in order for you to become a Dividend Tycoon, good choices need to be made. Firstly stock selection, investing in the best businesses on the planet; a Coca-Cola, a Unilever or a Starbuck’s for example. Secondly you need to buy your businesses at reasonable prices. Then there are other factors such as patience, having the conviction to hold a stock when it declines, not trading in and out of stocks, and allowing your dividends to compound.

In future posts I will discuss stocks that i believe could be the foundations of a dividend portfolio, as well as the mental strength one needs to persevere and continue the journey when things are not going well, or it looks like it is impossible.

Compounding dividends are really the force that will start slowly, but over time, should you do the right things, will become an unstoppable force, that could change your life. The reason I chose the logo of a powerful wave for this site was not only because I love the sea, but because it represents compounding in action, where what was at first a ripple thousands of miles away can become a massive and powerful wave. My wish is that you will join me on this journey. Start small and let that first step be the catalyst to what will ultimately become a torrent of dividends, and that one day you may wake up and realize that you have become a Dividend Tycoon.