Dividend update – May 2016

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Firstly, apologies on the late update. I have been giving some thought as what to do in terms of providing a monthly update. I am not sure whether readers are actually interested in seeing my dividend income, or whether you come to the site for articles about investing.

In addition, my plans for dividend income from US and UK stocks has been somewhat delayed, and it is slightly pointless giving updates when nothing is happening. Currently my preference has been to invest in my home country stocks as there are some stocks with great growth prospects and high dividend yields. For example I have invested in a real estate stock giving an initial 14% dividend yield and I find such opportunities difficult to pass up. Longer term I think the cash flow from these higher yielding stocks will find its way to the international stocks that I am wanting to buy, but in the short term I am trying to be disciplined and not buy stocks because they will look good on my blog.

My cash flow was also dealt a blow by my investment into an illiquid hotel counter which I wrote about in my last post, see here http://www.dividendtycoon.com/blog/2016/06/04/reflections-on-buying-a-cheap-hotel/  I will need to be patient on this investment before I can sell some stock.

I have decided I will keep providing the updates, although any feedback would be welcome as to what you would like to see. However, I must confess that progress is likely to be slow and it may be some time before I start to post dividend income.

I hope you will continue to read the blog though, and find inspiration here towards becoming a Dividend Tycoon in your own way.

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  1. Thanks for the input DivHut. I am not sure I want to disclose my local dividends for a few reasons, including privacy. This blog is more about investment in general, and then getting a portfolio of UK and US stocks going, which I will disclose the dividends from. However, I will consider it, especially your suggestion of disclosing recent buys and sells.


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