Dividend update – March 2016

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March 2016 Dividend Income: Nil

I do not have any dividend income from international stocks to report. As I said in the section of the site about myself, I expected a slow start. On the positive side, I am expecting some good cash flow soon, as my largest holding in South Africa is due to declare a dividend, hopefully.

There are a few reasons for the slow start. There is the current issue facing any investor from an emerging market economy, a weak currency. South Africa, like Brazil and Russia, has experienced a sharp depreciation in the value of the currency with which I earn. This can be due to issues as random as the country’s credit rating, over which one has no control. This has been quite scary at times, and added to that the political risk which has increased as a result, has been one of the reasons which made me want to become a Dividend Tycoon with international stocks.

However, one of the keys of investment success is not too rush into an investment due to fear, or to sell when there is blood on the floor. Currently there is blood on the floor when it comes to the South African rand, the Brazilian real or the Russian ruble, and converting these currencies into dollars or pounds right now may be a classic investment mistake. So, in short there is no rush right now. However, one should also not try to time the markets too much, and I am determined as ever to start on this road, so watch this space in the coming (perhaps a few) months. I am warming up and ready to go. I am increasing my knowledge on international stocks, I am currently reading a book on Wal-Mart in fact, and i have some stocks in mind. I cannot wait to deploy some capital into these stocks!

Please bear with me for now, or let me know about any suggestions or comments you may have.